Thank you for all the support from our customers and friends for all these years, we regrettably have decided to cease operations as a company due to the supply chain interruption and chip shortage.

Easy to Use. Cost Effective.

Lost Children Prevention

My Buddy Tag® app alerts you when the child wearing My Buddy Tag® wanders out of your proximity.

Water Safety Alert

My Buddy Tag® is waterproof and its app alerts you if the child wearing My Buddy Tag® has fallen into a pool or lake.

Secured Wristband

Each Buddy Tag® comes with a wristband with a locking coin-screw to prevent easy removal.

No Monthly Fee

My Buddy Tag® does not require a SIM card, so there is no monthly fee or any recurring charge. 

No Charging

My Buddy Tag® is low power, and its concealed coin-sized battery will last over a year. When the battery power runs out, contact us for our tag replacement program.

Email with Last Seen Location

You can program up to two email addresses to receive the last location your Buddy Tag® was connected to the app. It is perfect when your child is out with a caretaker.

My Buddy Tag® Features

Watch this video to learn more about My Buddy Tag®

Press & Media

"Every mom should get this!"

- Steve Harvey

"Why I love this is that it's just a little tag, and you download the app on your smart phone!"

"The BuddyTag comes with a rubber bracelet that fastens with a small screw. Once closed on your child’s wrist, it’s pretty secure."

"The Buddy Tag® lets parents keep tabs on their children while giving them room to roam."

"With 2000 children going missing each day, how much better you would feel if you could keep track of your child's location."

Live Demo on The Today Show

Live Demo on Good Morning Texas

Steve Harvey - "Every mom should get this!"